Get to Know Angelo

To understand what Angelo D’Amico is all about you have to understand what his father, John D’Amico, was all about.

John D’Amico was a long-time NHL official and honoured member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. His career included 1,689 regular season games and 247 Stanley Cup playoff games. During the summer months, he gave his time and energy to countless hours of charity work. Both on and off the ice, John D’Amico was known as a man of drive, passion and honour. He was determined to have an impact. Most importantly, he was a humble family man, who always put others first. John D’Amico’s one of a kind approach influenced many lives. One of those lives was his son, Angelo D’Amico.

At 17, Angelo began refereeing youth hockey on weeknights and weekends. What started out as a way to earn some extra spending money quickly grew into a passion he wanted to pursue professionally. Through hard work, tenacity and commitment, Angelo was able to realize that goal, reaching the National Hockey League in 2000 and going on to serve as an on-ice official for six seasons.

In 2005, John D’Amico succumbed to his battle with leukemia. Angelo wanted to do something to honour his father’s memory and make a difference. In response, he created the Hustle for a Cure campaign. To date the campaign has raised thousands of dollars in support of the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society of Canada, helping to fund blood cancer research, education and programs.

In everything he does, Angelo is determined to do his best. Just like his father, his drive, passion, honour and a desire to make a positive impact sets him a part. And just like his father did with him, Angelo hopes to make an equally lasting impression on his son too.

Speak to anyone who knows Angelo and they will tell you one of his gifts as a person is his ability to empathize and relate with people. It’s no wonder then, that when it comes to serving his clients, Angelo follows a simple, yet unique, mandate: to help them find comfort, success and happiness.

When people deal with Angelo he wants them to feel comfortable. When the relationship is comfortable, there is a mutual sense of trust. People are more at ease with one another, more honest, and more willing to share their opinions, thoughts and ideas.

Angelo’s goal is for each and every one of his clients to continue to experience success
long after they’ve taken possession of their new home. As everyone knows, homeownership is an ongoing process. Day to day, month to month, year to year things come up that have to be attended to: repairs, renovations, appraisals and more. To help ensure clients enjoy success with these aspects of homeownership, Angelo is always available as a resource for contractors, installers, painters, appraisers, home inspectors, lawyers—whatever a client may require.

Everyone deserves happiness. It comes from many things. The right home. The perfect neighbourhood. A great school. Having the amenities you need close by. Finding an amazing contractor or furnace repairman. All of these things provide peace of mind. They all contribute to a homeowner’s happiness. Angelo D’Amico is committed to helping clients achieve that happiness any way he can, as exemplified by the directory of suppliers his clients can source under PARTNERS on www.damicorealestate.com.

As a real estate agent, Angelo’s wish is for clients to view him as one of a kind. As someone they can trust and rely on. As someone who makes their real estate experience, whether buying or selling, a smooth and enjoyable one. For Angelo, it’s always an honour to serve a client. Ultimately he would like to have each and every one of his clients for life. As your real estate agent he will do his very best to ensure he is deserving of that consideration.

Accredited Senior Agent Designation 

We have acquired the “Accredited Senior Agent” (ASA) designation.  The professional training and education of the ASA designates to represent senior buyer and sellers who need someone who understands their special needs.  As an ASA member, we are able to consult senior home owners, and members of the families, on topics that include, estate regulations, taxation, dealing with a lifetime of clutter and the timing and process of downsizing.