Closing Costs for Sellers

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There are a number of other costs associated with selling a home. These are costs that come up before the closing, at time of closing and after closing.

• Legal fees
• Survey (if you do not have a copy and a copy is requested within the Offer from the Purchaser)
• Disbursements (mortgage discharges or transfers needed to be completed by your lawyer)
• Mortgage Fees (check with your mortgage provider/lender)
• Adjustments (on a pro-rated basis your lawyer will apportion specific expenses at the date of completion : Taxes, Water, Common Expense Fee, Oil)
• Real Estate Commissions (the commissions/fee are subject to HST)
• Moving fees

Other costs can arise at closing or with an Amendment to the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (Offer). Please discuss with your real estate representative or with your lawyer to verify.