AD Real Estate’s week-by-week moving checklist

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Plan your move well in advance for a stress-free moving day:

4 weeks before moving

• Why move what you don’t need? Decide early what you’re keeping, what you’re throwing out, selling or giving to charity
• Start using up frozen food and staples and avoid buying excess groceries near your moving date
• If necessary, make airline reservations and book hotel and car rental.
• Arrange for the transfer of important documents. Have school, medical, financial, and legal records sent to your new address
• Make moving decisions for your belongings – will you pack, transport and unpack on your own? Rent a truck? Or hire a moving service to do it all?
• Contact a moving service company or reserve a truck or van rental.
• Arrange for storage space if necessary. Your moving company may provide temporary storage.
• If you have children, start talking to them now about the move. Involving your kids in the moving moving process may help them adjust, especially if it’s a long-distance relocation.

3 weeks before moving

• Arrange to have your pets transported or boarded. Start preparing your plants for the move.
• Get back any items you have lent (and give back any items you have borrowed). Pick up any items that are being repaired.
• Dispose of flammable items such as paint, aerosol cans, and cleaning fluids.
• Send change-of-address information to the post office and other businesses.

2 weeks before moving

• Schedule a date for appliance disconnection and preparation with a service company if necessary
• Begin packing non-essential items.
• If necessary, make babysitting arrangements for moving day.
• Make a list of utilities to be notificed of disconnection.
• Set up services such as cleaning, painting, or floor refinishing for your new home so these inconvenient chores are out of the way before you move in.
• Create a floor plan of your new space and plan furniture arrangements to save time and tension on moving day

1 week before moving

• Complete packing suitcases and basic essentials. Ensure valuables like cash, jewelry and important documents are safe and easily accessed. Don’t forget medications and plane tickets.
• Drain garden hoses, lawn mowers, and other machinery.
• Remove any fixtures such as curtain rods, mirrors, shelves, or light fixtures that you are taking with you.
• Dismantle large power tools, such as lathes and grinders.
• Have your car serviced if you’re travelling a long distance

Packing day

• Leave a clear workspace for the packers.
• Identify fragile and valuable items, items you are taking with you, and items being left for the new owners.

Moving-out day

• Plan to be home until the moving van has left.
• Tour the house with the van operator during inventory. Sign the bill of lading. Confirm your new address and delivery date. Check destination contact phone numbers.
• Do a final check for overlooked items. Ensure windows and doors are locked, lights are off, and keys are transfered to the new residents.

Moving-in day

• Try to arrive the day before the moving van. Ensure the utilities are connected. Re-evaluate your furniture plan.
• Check your belongings against the inventory as they arrive. Make arrangements for appliance installation. Confirm unpacking requirements.
• Review your checklist to make sure everything has been completed.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your new space!

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