Referral Program

Get to Know Angelo

Many of us struggle to find competent, reasonably priced people to do necessary repairs, renovations or simple maintenance around the home. I am continuously asked by clients and others, who I’d recommend to perform a particular service.

And so I decided to make it easier for everyone, by simply assembling a list of solid contractors, and service providers, and included these in a reference page on my website. Once the idea crystallized, we realized we should also include other home related services like Mortgage Brokers and Lenders, Accountants, Moving and Storage Companies, and the list goes on.

I would also like to extend the opportunity for everyone to help me build my list of professionals.  Please feel free to send me any contact information whether it be yours, a friends or a past hired service provider.  My goal is to have a list that all of you can depend on when looking for whatever you need!

If you only wish to receive contact information for a specific business type please let me know.

Remember…Anyway I can help…I will !!!