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Brian Murphy - Angelo D'Amico Testimonial

Hard work, commitment, and integrity describe what it takes to become a National Hockey League official. Angelo will bring all of that to the real estate market. The creation of his charitable foundation “Hustle for a Cure” shows a commitment to excellence that will be working for you.

Brian Murphy Signature - Angelo D'Amico Testimonial
Brian Murphy
National Hockey League Officials Association

Gio Costantiello - Angelo D'Amico Testimonial

I have known Angelo since 1987 during which time has always demonstrated integrity, compassion and trust both professionally and personally. His commitment to success drives him to the highest level of performance. It is this commitment that will guarantee he excels in the real estate market by delivering unmatched service to his clients.

Gio Costantiello Signature - Angelo D'Amico Testimonial
Gio Costantiello
Director, Client Relations and Services
Dominion Voting

John Garner - Angelo D'Amico Testimonial

Having connected with Angelo in different settings, I have been impressed and inspired by his strong work ethic, genuine enthusiasm, and obvious interest in the well being of others. I have seen this in social settings, and in the charity organization he has founded, ‘Hustle for a Cure’. Angelo listens well, and loves to learn and share his insights and skills with others. His commitment to providing excellent and competent service in the real estate field will serve many people well.

John Garner - Angelo D'Amico TestimonialJohn Garner
Lead Pastor
Redeemer Bible Church, Niagara Falls